Problematika Hukum

Problematika Hukum is an open-access, peer-reviewed scientific journal that addresses legal issues in Indonesia and other Southern Hemisphere countries. This magazine aims to provide a comparative and multidisciplinary arena to communicate up-to-date analysis on Corporate Law and Litigation within the Global South perspective.

The term "Global South" commonly denotes the asymmetrical power dynamics that influence the experiences of nations colonized, enslaved, or marginalized by imperial powers. It is regarded as a conceptual framework of power, rather than a geographical division, that has influenced academic disciplines, including legal studies. Although many southern countries adopt the perspectives on legal development led by the West, they have also developed their unique features. This has prompted legal scholars to delve into more intricate relationships, given these countries' political, social, and cultural diversity. Their legal developments often address the challenges posed by emerging economies and divided societies. This magazine contributes to cross-border legal studies by incorporating a significant perspective from the Global South. It achieves this by prioritizing the voices and experiences of southern countries in the context of legal growth.

Vol 9, No 1 (2023)

Table of Contents


Ginesha Prema Rajeshvari Linggar Putri, Paulinus Verynanda, Rini Puspita Ayu, Sania Teresa Sinaga, Sethya Sahra Intan Salampessy, Thia Vanesia
Yonatan Kornelius Simanjuntak1 Yonatan Kornelius Simanjuntak1 Yonatan Kornelius Simanjuntak1, Daffa Triakhsan Putra, Gragela L. Panjaitan, Christopher Geraldo Siregar, Natasya Sabatini Putri Pangaribuan5 Natasya Sabatini Putri Pangaribuan5 Natasya Sabatini Putri Pangaribuan5
Hana Dirda Hutapea, Aisyah Naila, Cassie Gabriellia, Nita Harintan, Putri Tantya5 Putri Tantya5
Muhammad Akbar Hanif Pradana, Mutiani Fadly, Shania Monalisa Batubara, Adelista Firda Destyaningsih
Jonathan Christandy Simamora, Pinkan Puteri Adira, Zahra Aulia Putri