Proceeding of the International Conference on Family Business and Entrepreneurship

International Conference on Family Business & Entrepreneurship (ICFBE) is a scientific international conference driven by the livelong aspiration of President University as a center of excellence, especially in the field of family business and entrepreneurship. The conference is organized by the Faculty of Business at President University with the aim of gathering researchers and practitioners to critically share and discuss the latest empirical, conceptual, as well as theoretical findings and trends in a demanding topic. The ICFBE has been held six times from 2017 to 2022. It has succeeded in bringing together researchers and practitioners from various countries over the past five years.

The papers presented at ICFBE have been published in various scientific publication outlets both on a national scale in Indonesia and international wide. This website presents the online proceeding of the ICFBE. All papers published in this proceeding have gone through a rigorous peer-review process and scientific principles.

ISSN 2620-3863 (online)

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2023: Proceeding of 7th International Conference on Family Business and Entrepreneurship

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Welcome to the 7th International Conference on Family Business and Entrepreneurship (ICFBE) 2023! This esteemed conference is dedicated to exploring resilience and innovation in family businesses and SMEs. In Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, we bring together leading experts, researchers, and practitioners from around the world to exchange knowledge and insights.


Over the years, ICFBE has featured participants and speakers from more than 10 different countries, and participated by keynote speakers from top universities in the world like the University of Glasgow, University of Gloucestershire, Monash University, Deakin University, University of Hawaii, and others. ICFBE 2023 provides a platform for in-depth discussions, networking opportunities, and valuable collaborations. Our goal is to foster an environment where participants can share their research findings, explore emerging trends, and discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by family businesses and SMEs today.

At ICFBE, we believe that resilience and innovation are key factors in driving the success of family businesses and SMEs. By addressing these important themes, we aim to inspire and empower our participants to embrace change, adapt to evolving market dynamics, and capitalize on new opportunities.