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President University is one of the best private universities in Indonesia (accredited A). President University offers strong international learning and research environment.

President University open journal system hosts all journals and proceedings published by the University. The journals and procedings scopes cover multidisciplinary study in the field of science, technology, business, and social sciences.

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Problematika Hukum

Problematika hukum merupakan jurnal keilmuan di bidang hukum yang memuat tulisan-tulisan ilmiah mengenai penelitian-penelitian murni dan terapan serta ulasan-ulasan umum tentang perkembangan teori, metode dan ilmu-ilmu terapan terkait.

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Proceeding of International Conference on Family Business and Entrepreneurship

International Conference on Family Business & Entrepreneurship is driven by the livelong aspiration of President University as a center of excellence, especially in the field of family business and entrepreneurship.

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Proceeding of The Symposium on Data Science (SDS)

Symposium of Data Science (ISSN online: 2808-1846) aims to provide a forum for scholars and lecturers to discuss and exchange ideas about their research. In addition, providing opportunities for students to present student research projects in solving financial problems and related problems using a data science approach. In this activity, all participants are encouraged to be creative so as to generate ideas and innovations in the participants' research.

The scope of this event is, but not limited to, in the fields of : application of data science in finance; actuarial science; Finance; and risk management.


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