Optimasi Pengambilan Keputusan Karyawan Terbaik Menggunakan TOPSIS dan AHP

Ronny Juwono


— Decision making is a responsibility of leaders in any organization or company. Any decision made in the present will bring effect to the company’s sustainability in the future. Good decision making process requirescomprehensive analysis and considerations from many perspectives, thus it will bring a decision with proper objectivity and responsibility. One of common decision making process is deciding the best empoyee in a company. This is a sensitive decision since it reflects how the company apraise their employess. Since there are many parameters as measurements to find the best employee, decision making process should follow the rules of decision making methods, in order to mantain its objectivity and responsibility. This research, developed a decision support system (DSS) adopting two decision making methods, namely TOPSIS and AHP. Data used to test the methods, were data sampling generated from a local company. Parameters to measure the best employee, were also the parameters used by the local company. The test result of the two methods, indicated that both method provide similar suggestions for the company directors to make decision on choosing the best employee. Although, TOPSIS and AHP provided different type of result, however both of methods gave similar decision.

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