Application for Learning Korean Language on Android

Dhesi Pratami


Korean developments now become hot topic in mass media. Korean successfully develops in two sectors, technology and entertainment. Korean gaining popularity and global awareness by producing sophisticated smartphone, electronic products, Korean pop songs and movies. Because of that, many people want to learn about Korean. The difficult part of learn about Korean is the language. Fortunately with the growing of technology development from year to year, now many mobile phones are equipped with sophisticated applications in it. With this application, the users will easily learn about the other language as the interface is very user friendly for beginners who want to understand the Korean Language. Application for learning Korean language on Android is an application of learning Korean language based on Android. This application consist of introduction of Korean letters that consist vowels and consonants, process of writing syllable that will explain how to write consonant and vowel in Korean word, grammar that will explain about verb, adverbs, noun, pronouns, number, and adjectives. Lastly, will explain about general conversation with voice.

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