Self-Destruct-Capable Multi-Tiered Deniable Data Encryptor

Nur Hadisukmana, Andika Chandra Jaya


— Data security and privacy often collides with government desire to protect its People. As government is responsible to create laws and execute those, government often violate innocent Citizens privacy to hunt for some lawless Person. When some of the People do not mind, many others resort to breaking some laws to protect their privacy. One controversial law is regarding encryption, some nations required the encryption system creator to deliberately leave a backdoor in which government can spy on their Citizen. This application, named New Encryptor, provides data security from unauthorized eyes, including government. Through this application, government agencies would have to spend more time in decrypting the traffic, making only warranted searches can be conducted as it should consume increasing amount of resources. This application consist of layered security, steganography, self-kill, and deniable encryption. It is capable of AES encapsulating  PGP alongside with steganography to hide the password and deniable encryption that can draw random image.

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