Incident Reporting System for EHS Division

Cindy Himawan, Muhammad Ramdhan


In today’s world, every company has a variety of report’s needs, especially incident reporting system is needed when there is an incident around the company. This sometimes is very difficult to do incident administration until employee right is forgotten to get treatment. Such misunderstanding are: incident report form is not printed, incident report form is gone, thus making it difficult to complete the previously stated needs. In other words, some companies do not have the capabilities to manage and develop their manual system to new generation, being automatic system. It means cannot give time cost if any, activities is done by automatically system. This in fact can be solved, if their problem, including time management activities is recorded in good condition and details.

This program is designed to facilitate each person around environment, health and safety department in managing their incident in conclusion and graph on a periodic basis. The uniqueness of this program is accessible to everyone in any position as long include positions are pointed by environment, health and safety admin without using form paper but using desktop application which can be used around the company.

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