Polyclinic Information System

Sandy Darmowinoto, Idris Ardi


The purpose of this research is to develop an application in the medical field based on the perspective of patient in Polyclinic XYZ. A process of developing an application in the medical field had been occurring since the technology collaborated with it. For this reason the author determined to develop two applications. One of it is a mobile based application and the other one is a web based application. Two of the applications are designed for patient.

This research divides into four phases of work. First, examines a requirement phase for the applications with the polyclinic XYZ. Second, defining a design of the applications from the result of requirement phase. Third, the user design and programming code apply to prototype applications, also there is testing phase for finding some bugs. At the end of phase the final applications are releasing and there will be a testing phase for the final release to make sure the applications work fine.

The outcomes of the research show that the applications are running fine with its features that suited with the requirement phase. The presence of the applications is able to be sufficiently modified for the purpose to improve the functionality.

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